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Bacon at its best; so good you can almost taste it, right here, right now.

Founded in 1983, Becketts® is a family-run business with a difference. Joe Cornes with the support of his parents and siblings Tim and Becky turned a cottage industry into a multi-site company that produces almost 2 out of every 3 bacon rashers eaten out of the home.

As an independent family business with international backing, we're dedicated to providing bacon at its best.

Our main customer base is the food service industry. We supply

  • Pubs and restuarants that rely on our products to be the very best, so their customters come back for more.
  • Fine hotels and cruise ships that rely on perfect delivery logistics, consistent quality and exceptional taste. Beckett's deliver, day in, day out.
  • Cafes and restaurants that depend on our premium bacon to serve mouth-watering meals and snacks. After all, a full English breakfast needs the best bacon.
  • Shops and delicatessens that can sell Beckett's bacon cooked in their kitchens and ready packed bacon of all sizes to sell straight to their customers, to cook at home.