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Product Integrity Statement

Published on 15th February 2013

Due to the current issue regarding the illegal use of horsemeat detected in certain beef products, Becketts Foods Ltd. makes the following statement.

  1. As suppliers of solely pork products we have not traded with any of the companies so far associated with this situation
  2. We only source material from certified suppliers using EC approved PORK slaughterhouses
  3. We carry out regular traceability exercises as part of our BRC certified Quality Management System
  4. All our products are sourced solely from whole pork muscle injected with a standard brine mix to maximise chilled shelf life (contents: pork muscle, water, salt, sodium nitrite, potassium nitrate & sodium ascorbate).

HACCP - Risk Assessment

Beckett’s Foods operates a HACCP based system of food safety as part of their Quality Management System. These prerequisite control measures are in place as part of a verified HACCP plan to ensure supplier compliance.

Supplier and Quality Assurance

Supplier Approval 2nd Party Supplier Auditing - based on risk assessment. (supplier controls)Supplier Approval 3rd Party Accreditation (supplier controls)CMR Certification for control of movement of materials (traceability control)Raw Material Specifications (Factory Quality Control)Non Conformance and Corrective Action Procedures (factory QC)QA Quarantine & Hold (factory QC & despatch release)

Routine Surveillance

In addition to these prerequisites we have in place a rigorous system of product testing to verify that products leaving the factory are of the highest standard. This includes regular line checks during production as well as routine surveillance testing to ensure product safety quality and legality.

The site HACCP team has carried out a full HACCP risk assessment and has determined that there is NO RISK of our products being subjected to adulteration, equine or otherwise, of the type associated with the current illegal use of horsemeat, as recently found in certain beef products.  

We therefore hereby declare that all ingredients present in our products are correctly stated in the ingredients declaration for each product produced and as such comply with all statutory and legal requirements

Stan Watts
Quality Manager (Becketts Foods Ltd)

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