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Is your supplier ready for the new legislation?

Published on 2nd January 2013

2013 is here and this means the introduction of the new ‘partial stall ban’ EU pig welfare legislation. The new legislation came into force on 1st January, the most significant element will be to ban the use of individual stalls for pregnant sows and gilts during a period starting from four weeks after service to one week before the expected time of farrowing.

For all of us in the industry this is new territory and the result of the new regulations is difficult to determine at this stage. It will take some time before we know the full impact, but I don’t believe that we will see major differences in the market over the first quarter of 2013.

It is absolutely clear for us that to have security of supply raw material, it is very important that you are part of a supply chain that has, or can, command the raw material. 2013 is likely to continue to be a difficult financial climate and it is therefore very important that we all focus our business on quality, service and price.

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